Kitchen Cabinetry

Mornington Peninsula kitchen expert

Storing your food items and other kitchen essentials is one of the best ways to keep track of the expiration and monitor the ins and outs of the ingredients. With the help of our experts here at Kitchen Renovations Mornington Peninsula, you can surely say that you will be given the best cabinet installation that features your chosen material, colour, accessories, and more.

Our professionals can go over all the needed details for your kitchen cabinetry, and listed below are the most popular kitchen cabinet styles in Australia:

  • Rustic Cabinet
  • Bring out a country or mountain lifestyle;
  • Features big, warm colours and wood components;
  • All of the designs are detailed;
  • Comes in finishes that are rugged or matte;
  • May include rubbed-brass or wrought-iron hardware as a complement
  • Modern-Day Cabinet
  • Offers flat surfaces, few accessories and simple hardware;
  • Giving off a fuss-free look;
  • Ideal for small kitchens;
  • Can choose from metal, concrete, plastic, glass or manufactured wood
  • Slab Cabinet
  • Goes perfectly fine with contemporary design;
  • Can be made more sleek and more modern;
  • Known also as a flat-panel cabinet;
  • Offers simple design and trouble-free look;
  • Requires less material to make;
  • Priced cheaper than other cabinets;
  • Easy to clean
  • Lacks any nooks, crannies or corners, making maintenance a breeze
  • Country Style Cabinet
  • Offers a cosy, timeless and home-feel vibe;
  • Features a raised-panel, bead-board and other decorative variations;
  • Comes in butter yellow, mint green, pale blue and cream;
  • Can be done using distressing techniques or milk paint may be applied
  • Craftsman Style Cabinet
  • A deviation from mass-produced cabinets;
  • Notable for the straight lines, quality construction, and little ornamentation;
  • Built from heavy woods, like quarter-sawn oak, hickory, cherry or maple;
  • Wood is unaltered, and seldom painted;

Kitchen Cabinets Made Just for You

At Kitchen Renovations Mornington Peninsula, the kitchen cabinet selections bring you more leeway in choosing the best one that can really fit you and your kitchen needs. Our company has the best materials and finishes too that will set the foundation of your cabinet. Call us today to know more of our amazing kitchen cabinets in Mornington Peninsula!