Mornington Peninsula kitchen remodel

Installing a bench top in your kitchen means you have better organisation for your kitchen utensils, appliances, and more. Not only that, with it, you are guaranteed to free up more space, so you can have a better flow in the kitchen when you are cooking or doing some chores.

Another great thing about it is that you can have the bench top finished in design, colour, and material. To make sure that you get the best one, just leave it to our professionals at Kitchen Renovations Mornington Peninsula, and they will be more than ready offer you the best benchtop installation, and the following are the most popular benchtop choices in Mornington Peninsula:

  • Timber Bench Tops
  • Easy to handle and install;
  • Hassle-free repairs and maintenance;
  • Can be finished in oil or in a sanded surface;
  • Engineered Stone Bench Tops
  • Comes from glass or marble particles;
  • Easily mixed to a base made of resin or polyester;
  • Comes in many patterns and tones to perfectly complement your kitchen
  • Laminated Bench Tops Laminate
  • Can be layered with melamine, paper or chipboard;
  • Can mimic the feel and look of natural wood, such as timber, or even stones like marble
  • Granite Bench Tops
  • One of the most durable material among other materials;
  • Comes in varying sizes to make sure it stretches according to your kitchen size;
  • Features various finishes and styles
  • Marble or Natural Stone Bench Tops
  • Offers durability features like that of granite;
  • Must be properly sealed to avoid spills from acidic substance;
  • Easily matched to any kitchen design style

Building You Beautifully-Designed Bench Tops for Your Kitchen

You know that our company is the best place to go when it comes to kitchen bench tops. Kitchen Renovations Mornington Peninsula brings you the best materials and methods to bring you the bench top that you oh-so need and deserve.